Arctic Parkas – What the Inuit Taught Us About Keeping Warm


The term ‘parka’ has become part of the basic vernacular in North America, and consistently buyers eat up parka bargains from North Face, Columbia, Patagonia and other driving producers. You may end up looking for a parka this winter and go over a wide scope of styles from puffy coats to shells, yet nothing that really fits the depiction. That is on the grounds that these organizations love to utilize the word ‘parka’ to depict a wide range of various models and it’s utilized freely.

This makes one wonder – what highlights characterize credible cold parkas and recognize them from other non-parkas that actually bear the name? to assist you with slicing through the commotion, here are a portion of the key highlights:

1. Thigh length cut. Moose knuckles were in every case customarily thigh-length and halted simply over the knee. This plan assisted with making a warm pocket of air and spread the region at the waistline, where the jeans end.

2. Hide managed hood. Icy parkas consistently have a hide managed hood (or false hide) to help break the breeze around the face and include warmth. Generally this would have been fox hide or hare hide, however these days, engineered hides are utilized frequently.

3. Goose down fill. Generally even still today, you will locate that down is the hottest and most usually utilized fill. Be that as it may, manufactured fills are additionally utilized and are entirely satisfactory.

Initially, the Inuit cold parkas were pullover style coats, however these days a front zip conclusion is standard. While a large number of the first materials aren’t utilized any longer, similar to caribou cover up, the fundamental plan is in judgment. Actually, quite a long while back out traveling to Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle, I saw that practically none of the local individuals wear the conventional garments any longer for current plans. Similarly as with most far off societies, western items and innovation have a method of supplanting conventional materials.

Remaining warm in the winter is unbelievably significant on the off chance that you live in a chilly atmosphere. On the off chance that you don’t put resources into the correct chilly climate wear, you will be hopeless and fear the outside throughout the winter months. With the correct cap, gloves, boots, pants and a decent quality icy parka, you can be agreeable and appreciate temperatures others wince to stay away from.

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