Buy a Moped Scooter Online – And Don’t Get Screwed!

It’s Scooter Moped Time!  For most of the country, the weather is beginning to get mild, gas prices are going up again, you are trying to do your part to clean up the environment. So, What do you do? Why, you buy a scooter or moped of course. Buying a moped scooter online can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s clear up a few terms first. Most people interchange the terms scooter and moped. Actually, a moped is a pedal and welke escooters hebben bosch motor that is under 50 cc’s. What makes it a moped is the pedals. You can pedal start a moped or some of the newer mopeds also have electric starts. Mopeds use 2 stroke engines which means you mix the oil right in with the gas. Some states have a problem (California) with the 2 stroke engine. Some moped companies have started installing a “clean carb” that can pass California’s stringent clean air laws.

Most Scooter’s on the other hand, have a 4 stroke engine.  They are either kick start, or electric start. A scooter is a bit larger than a moped and you will need a drivers license to drive it.  Both scooters and mopeds have to be registered in the state that you are going to drive it.

That said, So, You want a scooter and you want it now!  It is very difficult to find scooter dealers in most parts of the country. That really leaves you to purchasing your scooter or moped online. I know. That can be really scary. It is a lot of money and you don’t want to get screwed.  It seems everybody and his brother is selling scooters online. Throw in a Google search for motor scooters, gas scooters, moped scooters, etc… and you will come up with more sites than you can look at. Some of these sites are selling everything from moped/scooters to nail polish remover. Not what you want.

Here are a few tips on buying a moped/scooter online. First, check out a few sites. Dig through them thoroughly. Check to see if there is a contact page. No contact page, time to move on. Next, check out the scooters on the site. If you see something you like check to see if it is available. If it is, YEAH!! Don’t get too excited yet. You have a lot more work to do. Check out the warranties offered on the scooters. Read all the information.  Remember, most of these scooters are coming from China. If you need warranty work, well you want your company to honor that. I don’t think you want to pack up your scooter and send it back to China!  If the warranty policy of the site is buried and difficult to find, read it very, very carefully. Some sites do not honor the warranty themselves. They refer you to the manufacturer. This can be a nightmare!!  Check to see if the company carries parts for your scooter. Things do break and you will need to have replacement parts available. It is surprising how many scooter sites do not sell parts. Trouble, Trouble! Don’t Order. Even if you think you have found the cheapest price on a moped/scooter. If you can’t get parts, no price is worth it. Everyone loves to find a bargain, but a bargain sitting in the garage broken is not worth it. Save a few more bucks and buy a better scooter.

Check the site for information that you will need. How will your scooter will be delivered? Will you have to pick it up at a central delivery area? Will the driver help you get it off the truck? (Some delivery services are not responsible for getting it OFF the truck, only to get it to the end of the gate of the truck.)  A Moped Scooter weighs between 200 and 300 lbs. Most come packed in a large box. A little unwieldily for one person.  Some sites offer home delivery for about $50 more than the regular delivery price. Might be worth it.  This is really important! No matter where your motor scooter is delivered-open it. Check every inch of it for damage. Your delivery service may not appreciate it but they do have to wait. Even if they scream at you, do not sign off on your scooter until you have checked it. If there is damage, you need to note that on the delivery paperwork. Get a copy.  If you do not check for damage before the delivery guy leaves, you are out of luck. Seriously, Do Not Sign Off On The Delivery Until You Check For Damage!! If there is damage, you will file claim with the delivery company. This is why it is so important.

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